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Paramore - Now (MTV Global Exclusive)

Título: Now (MTV Global Exclusive)
Album: Paramore present their new video for 'Now' - exclusive to MTV!
Sello: Fueled By Ramen

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Paramore present their new video for 'Now' - exclusive to MTV!

"Apaprently we had stunt double for a day we weren't there, but I didn't see any of it," Taylor York says.

"We were sort of on this rebel team fighting for love," Hayley Williams says.

"It was a lot of fun getting to, like, just get dirty and it was like reverting back to when you were kids," Jeremy ...

"It just feels good to be back at it," Hayley Williams said.

"All of our decisions just seem to be quite easy. It's nice," Jeremy Davis says.

"It really felt like the same feeling that I got when we were kids playing in Taylor's basement or Jeremy's living ...

"We had writer's block really badly one time, and we just kind of realized these interludes just happened," Taylor York ...

"It's going to be hard cutting down," Hayley Williams says of the set list for Paramore's next tour.

The band answers a slew of rapid-fire Twitter questions submitted by their fans.

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